Slow Trains – to Switzerland & Venice

21 May 2019 | Culture

In fact Diccon Bewes claims to have just taken one slow train on his Swiss jaunt (in fact there were quite a few) while Tom Chesshyre happily confesses to riding lots of them on his oh-why-are-we-doing this pre-Brexit tour of Europe. Not all of Tom Chesshyre’s trai...

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21 August 2016 | Places

My recent France and Italy drive continued from Grosseto to Venice. Of course Venice was as beautiful as ever … ▲ Whether you were looking across the lagoon to the Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore on the island of San Maggiore at sunset ▲ Or, a little later, direc...

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Malta to Venice

21 December 2015 | Places

◄ My recent Komodo Islands boat trip wasn’t the only travel by sea in 2015, Maureen and I also made an opera cruise on the three-masted barque Sea Cloud II. Here it is under full sail. In fact we didn’t travel very much by windpower, although definitely rather more th...

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Travel Highlights

30 December 2010 | Places

It's my annual look back at the year's travels. This year I started with Museums & Galleries, moved on to Cars & Bikes, then Animals & Wildlife, followed by Big Buddhas, 10 Books, Beaches, Aerial Views, Music and Weird Sightings, Great Signs. I’ll concl...

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16 November 2009 | Places

From Trieste I took the train an hour north to Udine for the town’s Fuorirotta (‘off the beaten track’) festival. Udine is one of those very swish small Italian towns, a place that looks well off. It’s a reminder that if you divided off northern Italy from the rest of...

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