The Comedians:

Books of 2008

24 December 2008 | Culture

I’m running through my travel lists for 2008, we started with 10 interesting hotels, moved on to my best music experiences and  then the views out the window from my favourite flights. Next it was cars & drives and then museums, galleries & exhibitions followe...

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Books on Haiti

26 May 2008 | Media

Before I visited Haiti earlier this year I did some reading about the country. The first discovery was that there’s not much on the shelves, we cover Haiti in our Caribbean Islands book and you can also download the Haiti chapter as a Pick & Mix PDF. In 1999...

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Port-au-Prince – Naïve Art, Voodoo Music & a Slave-Hero

21 March 2008 | Culture

Art for sale on the street in Pétionville Remember Haiti? The half-a-Caribbean island where the first ever slave revolt ended with the defeat of the French colonialists? Despite the black leader of the slaves, the wonderfully named Toussaint Louverture, being dou...

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