Bangkok – once again

13 April 2017 | Places

◄ A short visit to Bangkok, prior to setting off on a longer trip, and I made return trips to some familiar sites. Like Wat Po with its gigantic reclining Buddha figure, all the way from the top of its head to to the tips of its toes. ▲ Stupa figures in the Royal P...

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Chaotic Wiring – Thai Version

7 April 2017 | Living

Lots of places in the world electrical wiring can be a confusing chaos, a mad cobweb of wires going in every direction at once. ◄ In Thailand this week I saw lots of wiring which was certainly chaotic, but in a kind of chaotically organized fashion. There was far t...

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The ‘Dangerous Market’ at Maeklong near Bangkok

6 April 2017 | Places

I’m in Bangkok, Thailand and about to set off on a three month trip, I’ll be putting up more on that in a couple of week’s time. Meanwhile some Thailand observations starting with the ‘Dangerous Market”. Maeklong is on the coast in Ratchaburi, just south-west of centr...

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Farewell Mo Tejani

1 January 2013 | Media

Back in 2006 I wrote a brief review of Mo Tejani’s A Chameleon’s Tale. I commented that Mo’s life was typical of today’s global nomads, living here, connected to there, nationality somewhere else. Although Mo lived in Thailand he started out in Uganda, until his famil...

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Banteay Chhmar – Cambodian Ruins

20 November 2012 | Places

▲  Last week I was in Banteay Chhmar , an Angkorian ruins site in the far north-east of Cambodia. I was there with John Sanday, the British archaeologist who has been working on this site for three years now. John was also responsible for a great deal of the preserv...

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