Booker Prize, Zimbabwe, Cecil Rhodes, Joshua Nkomo, North Korea, Robert Mugabe, Nancy Pelosi, Taiwan

2 August 2022 | Media

Funny how you can go in half a dozen short steps from the Booker Prize to Zimbabwe to Cecil Rhodes to Joshua Nkomo to Robert Mugabe to North Korea to Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. Zimbabwean author NoViolet Bulawayo’s new novel Glory has been longlisted for the 2022 Book...

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How Many Countries?

20 May 2012 | Places

Every now and then I bump into somebody who’s busy trekking around the world putting a ‘been there’ tick beside a list of every country in the world. You can have arcane arguments about what ‘been there’ means – is the airport transit lounge good enough? But the start...

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A Bicycle Comparison

23 January 2009 | Transport

I’ve got three bicycles and only one of them is coming with me to Africa for my leg of the Tour d’Afrique in March. That’s my Wheeler 5900 ZX mountain bike. I bought it in 1997, it was made in Taiwan, 24 speed and I’m running it on road tyres, although I may ta...

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Other Transport of 2008

25 December 2008 | Transport

I’m running through my travel lists for 2008, we started with 10 interesting hotels, moved on to my best music experiences and  then the views out the window from my favourite flights. Next it was cars & drives and then museums, galleries & exhibitions followe...

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Galleries, Museums & Exhibitions of 2008

22 December 2008 | Culture

I’m running through some travel lists for 2008, in the past four days I’ve ticked off interesting hotels, my best music experiences, great flights and cars & drives. There were lots of interesting museums, galleries and exhibitions during 2008 and that’s today’s t...

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