Galleries, Museums & Exhibitions of 2008

22 December 2008 | Culture

I’m running through some travel lists for 2008, in the past four days I’ve ticked off interesting hotels, my best music experiences, great flights and cars & drives. There were lots of interesting museums, galleries and exhibitions during 2008 and that’s today’s t...

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Unwanted Statues – what to do with them?

2 March 2008 | Culture

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial statue in Taipei, Taiwan What do you do with an unwanted statue? Or a whole bunch of them? Erecting statues of your wonderful self is a time honoured pursuit of unloved dictators and merciless despots. You can judge how horribly unpopu...

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Taiwan Day 1 – Taipei to Chiayi

20 February 2008 | Places

Longshan Temple in Lugang Day 1 was a train ride south to Changhua and then a bus to Lugang, a smaller town noted for the ‘best preserved Qing-dynasty temple in Taiwan.’ Unfortunately the Longshan Temple still has a lot of restoration to be completed, meanwhile i...

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