Hotels of 2008

18 December 2008 | Living

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll post some lists of my travel favourites over the last year. Books, movies, flights, views, photographs, drives, transport, exhibits – and we’ll start with 10 interesting hotels from the past year. Ten hotels in ascending order of ...

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24 April 2008 | Living

Safeway Not sure if the supermarket company would approve, but what a great name for a condom brand! It was thoughtfully provided in the bedside table of the Confucius Hotel in Tainan, Taiwan. Is there a Confucian saying about it being wise to take precautions? &n...

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Taiwan Day 4 – The South Cross-Island Highway to the East Coast

23 February 2008 | Places

I start the morning in Tainan with photographing some rush hour scooter jams, Taiwan sure does have an awful lot of motor scooters. Then it’s off to the east coast, a long drive over a torturously winding road which climbs up to 2722 metres (8928 feet) before des...

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Taiwan Day 3 – Tainan & the Big Rat

22 February 2008 | Places

It’s the Year of the Rat and ‘the courteous rat brings good fortune.’ This rat is 18 metres (60 feet high) and has 40,000 lights. I like Tainan. I spend most of the day walking around the city’s assorted temples and tourist attractions. They include Lady Linshu...

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