29 November 2023 | Media

For a spell from 1988 Remo was a Sydney store run by Remo Giuffré selling weird and wonderful things. Eventually it collapsed, but it’s now come back to life as a twice a year catalog of … well of weird and wonderful things. You can subscribe for A$72 a year. I...

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A Stroll through Sydney

10 July 2023 | Places

I’ve certainly not kept this blog up to date over the last few months, but I’m about to make up for that. My last posting raced along on my 45 day trip from Melbourne to London, a trek which involved train travel in Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, Italy, S...

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Hawkesbury River – north of Sydney

19 May 2021 | Places

The Hawkesbury River flows into the Pacific just north of Sydney, driving between Sydney and Newcastle the highway crosses the river close to its mouth. It’s a popular Sydney getaway for bushwalking, boating on the river and dining at restaurants like Peats Bite or th...

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Sydney – the Emerald City

18 May 2021 | Places

Since I’m currently obeying the rules which ban departures from Australia there’s been no international travel in my diary for the past 12 months. I have been travelling around Australia, however, and I covered a little walk up Mt Kosciuszko – Climbing Mt Kosciuszko t...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – Airline Crew

23 December 2020 | Living

Australia has sailed through the coronavirus pandemic remarkably well despite a short and sharp outbreak in Melbourne (where I live) and the state of Victoria. I looked at just how bad the Melbourne figures were back on 22 August 2020 and then I looked at what it was ...

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