Spain – Madrid & Barcelona

1 August 2023 | Places

My three recent European blogs – Turin in Italy, Lugano in Switzerland, Paris in … now which country is that again? – were the final stepping stones on a 45 day trip from Melbourne in Australia to London in … now which country is that again? Once I’d finally arrived i...

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Ibiza – Spain’s Party Island

5 November 2021 | Places

It’s got a reputation as Spain’s party island – through the 1990s and into the 2000s the Manumission club nights at Sant Rafel de Sa Creu regularly pulled in 10,000 clubbers. Somehow I’d never been there so going to speak at a tourism summit in Barcelona was the oppor...

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Two Steps Forward – along the Camino Santiago

5 October 2017 | Media

I had the pleasure on Tuesday night of launching the new Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist novel Two Steps Forward. In alternating chapter as Martin (recently divorced English engineer) and Zoe (recently widowed Californian artist) they set out to walk the Camino Santiago...

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Burford in the Cotswolds

19 July 2012 | Places

◄ North-west of London and just beyond Oxford the town of Burford is regularly cited as one of the prettiest in England. Of course it’s well equipped with pubs, like any pretty English village or town, although it’s unclear why there should be a mermaid pub so far...

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The Devil’s Picnic

7 March 2012 | Media

Taras Grescoe travels the world looking for banned or disapproved of drinks, foods and substances. So he goes through a meal via aperitif, crackers, cheese, main course, a smoke, digestif, dessert, herbal tea and finally (and very final) a one-time-only nightcap • ...

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