South Korea:

Busan – my jumping off point for Fukuoka in Japan

14 July 2023 | Places

After my stay in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, I took the high speed train 330km south to Busan. With a population of 3.4 million it’s the second largest city and a convenient jumping off point for ferries to Japan. I’d been to Busan once before back in 2004 when...

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Seoul & the K-dols

12 July 2023 | Places

Once I’d left Australia my first stop on my recent travels was Seoul in South Korea. I’ve been to South Korea several times over the years including the trip north to the DMZ between South and North Korea. I’ve also done the DMZ visit travelling south from Pyongyang i...

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Melbourne to London the long way with the odd problem

28 May 2023 | Transport

A few years ago I travelled London to Melbourne in about 28 days, all of it on flights of just an hour or two by Low Cost Carriers, airlines like Ryanair, easyJet, Pegasus, Fly Dubai, IndiGo or Air Asia. Now I’ve just arrived in London from Melbourne, a trip that t...

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100 Places You Will Never Visit

25 October 2012 | Media

Daniel Smith adds to the list of travel list books – Lonely Planet has certainly done a few of them – with 100 Places You Will Never Visit. In fact some of them you probably won’t want to visit – terrorist would prefer to avoid Guantánamo Bay, ditto for drug smugglers...

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North Koreans in London

14 August 2012 | Places

At the Olympic Games opening in London (I was there) I commented that some of the crowd participation was remarkably like a mass games in Pyongyang, North Korea, except there were no killer dictators involved and we hadn’t rehearsed. I’ve been to mass games in Pyon...

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