Signs in China

12 September 2017 | Culture

I’ve posted on the weird and wonderful signs you encounter in China on previous trips and I certainly saw plenty on my recent Silk Road journey. ▲ Sometimes the signs were potentially very useful, but never seemed to appear at the right time. On more than one occas...

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China Signs

20 October 2013 | Culture

▲ I like the straightforward nature of Chinese signs, perhaps they’re not so abrupt in Chinese, but translated into English they come across in a very direct fashion. Like this one. ◄ Or this ‘clean my room’ hotel door hanger at my hotel in Taiyuan, no messing ar...

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Signs of Africa

8 April 2009 | Culture

I love the signs you see when you’re travelling anywhere in the world and my bicycle ride through Africa last month turned up plenty of them. I rode the Iringa (Tanzania) to Lilongwe (Malawi) stage of the Tour d’Afrique cycle ride and here are a few of my favourites a...

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