Sao Paulo:

Brazilian Restaurants

22 April 2010 | Living

Brazilians certainly believe in eating – and drinking – my recent Brazil visit included plenty of both. Vento Haragano is one São Paulo’s biggest (and priciest) churrascaria places, this is the Argentinian meat, meat and more meat diet. A veritable stampede of ...

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São Paulo Architecture

20 April 2010 | Places

My Brazil visit concluded with five days in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil and with a population of around 20 million one of the biggest in the world. It was a working visit so I didn’t get much chance to look around, but I was surprised that it was a much easi...

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Fernando de Noronha

11 April 2010 | Places

▲  On the Cacimba do Padre beach with brown boobies perching on a rock Sitting at a beach café, sipping a caipirinha, watching the sun set and trying not to be distracted by the girls on the beach in their fio dental, dental floss bikinis. Well someone’s got to d...

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