Republic of Congo:

10 Books

23 December 2010 | Media

There were lots of interesting books in 2010 – fiction and non-fiction, travel and standing still. Here are 10 I found particularly interesting, starting with 5 travel books: Country Driving – Peter Hessler’s look at contemporary China from behind the steering wheel ...

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Broken Glass

7 December 2010 | Media

Alain Mabanckou teaches French literature at UCLA and is the author of a dozen novels and books of poetry in French. This one has been translated into English and follows the misadventures of an alcoholic school-teacher nicknamed Broken Glass drifting through life at ...

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Congo Travels

2 December 2010 | Media

I’ve never been to Congo – to either of them, Republic of Congo (the ex-French one, capital Brazzaville) or Democratic Republic of Congo (the ex-Belgian Congo, ex-Zaire, capital Kinshasa), but they’re both on my list and I keep reading books about them. Of course t...

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Gentlemen of Bacongo

6 November 2010 | Media

I keep talking about visiting Congo and keep bumping into people with a Congo connection. I nominated the Zaire version (there are two Congo’s ‘Republic’ and ‘Democratic Republic,’ the Zaire one) as the place I really need to go to on the Jennifer Byrne book programme...

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