Longreach & Qantas

23 May 2021 | Places

▲ Longreach Train Station – my arrival point in the outback town after the 26 hour train trip from Brisbane ◄ Across the road from the train station is this marker for the Tropic of Capricon, a reminder that Longreach straddles the line where the ‘Temperate Zone’ t...

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Why You Won’t Find Me on QF9 Again

13 January 2020 | Transport

I flew Qantas flight QF9 Melbourne to London last year and QF10 back. I won’t be doing it again. Flying non-stop for 17+ hours from Perth to London is the first of a number of Qantas ‘Project Sunrise’ flights which could one day link Sydney and Melbourne on the Austra...

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Oz to UK – non stop

7 June 2019 | Transport

I flew on the non-stop Qantas flight from Australia to England, Perth. It took 16 hours 47 minutes, slightly faster than scheduled and although it’s not the longest non-stop flight it’s certainly right up there. Qatar’s Doha-Auckland is slightly longer and Singapore A...

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Airline Lessons

6 October 2012 | Transport

You can always discover another way things can go wrong with the logistics of flying. We’re in Kashgar in the far west of China and checking in to fly Kashgar-Urumqi (everything to the far western side of China goes through Urumqi) and on to Guangzhou. From there we’l...

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9 May 2011 | Transport

Lined up beside the luggage carousel at the Qantas domestic side of Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport were these wire cages containing – it would appear – the abandoned baby strollers from February, March and April. ▼ What’s up? Did passengers get fed up of waiting...

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