How Many Coins in the Fountain?

31 October 2013 | Living

▲The trouble with throwing coins in Chinese fountains is there aren’t many Chinese coins, you rarely seem to break a one yuan note (¥1 equals 16cents US) although there is also a half yuan (or five jiao) note. There are three coins – one jiao (¥0.10), five jiao (¥0....

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China Trip – 2nd Stop Pingyao

14 October 2013 | Places

I flew San Francisco to Beijing, then my first stop was Taiyuan, next up was Pingyao – ‘China’s best-preserved ancient walled town’ according to my Lonely Planet China guide. ▲ It is indeed quite a wall, it stretches for over 6 km, punctuated by no less than 72 w...

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