Oyster Card:

My Oyster Card, My Myki Card

1 March 2010 | Transport

Public transport smartcard systems are all the go. All over the world cities are rolling out computerised transport tickets which allow commuters to use one card to access multiple forms of public transport. For the transport operator it means efficiencies, for the tr...

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Airport Transport – London, Melbourne, New York

21 October 2009 | Transport

London taxis  Recently I spent ‘60’ for taxis between airport and city in these three cities, US$60 in New York, A$60 (about US$55) in Melbourne and £60 (about US$97) in London. What did I get for my money? In Melbourne US$55 took me 23km from my home on the f...

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Sydney cost comparison – Qantas v CityRail

27 August 2009 | Transport

Yesterday I took the CityRail train between central Sydney and the airport. The fare is A$14.60, about half the taxi fare, but no great bargain for a distance (Circular Quay to the Domestic Terminal) of less than 10km. Circular Quay is the closest station to the Ope...

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