Flight Seizures, Flight Diversions

30 May 2021 | Transport

Nobody has died – yet – but the hijack of Ryanair flight 4978 was certainly a shocker. Belarus is ‘Europe’s last dictatorship’ and Alexander Lukashenko, the brutal leader, looks precisely like what he is: a Soviet era thug. The best you can say is that he didn’t shoot...

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Airlines Flying over Iran

26 May 2019 | Transport

▲ A FlightRadar24 snapshot of the air traffic over Iraq and Iran on 23 May 2019. For a time Iraq was looked upon as being unsafe and everything went over Iran. Today airlines fly over both countries, but not much is going over Afghanistan in the image above, not becau...

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Homeland Security

2 June 2009 | Living

With a name that sounds like it came from Stalinist Russia it’s hardly surprising that Homeland Security are not the favourite US government department. They look after immigration so for overseas visitors they’re the first taste of US bureaucracy. They don’t have a g...

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