Around the World in 50 Years

29 April 2015 | Media

When I got off the plane in Nauru during my travels for Dark Lands I immediately bumped into Albert Podell. There aren’t a lot of reasons to go to Nauru, if you aren’t unlucky enough to be a refugee who has become entangled in Australia’s Pacific Solution and has been...

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The USA & Guns & Fairy Tales

16 December 2012 | Living

A weird relationship isn’t it? Underlined yet again by the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut. The USA gun illustration is on the wall at the front of the ex-US Embassy in Tehran, Iran. I live part of the year in Australia (annual deaths by guns...

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1 March 2011 | Places

▲ Big people & postie bikes - Nauru suffers from one of the world's highest obesity and diabetes rates After my spell on the Solomon Islands I carried on to a Pacific nation which gets very few visitors: Nauru. To find Nauru on the map head off north-east fro...

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