Ravenna Mosaics

19 July 2019 | Places

There’s something about being pleasantly surprised by an unexpected encounter, blown away by something you simply did not expect, discovering a place you really did not know about. Now I am a sucker for interesting mosaics – check my Cyprus in the Mediterranean postin...

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Cyprus in the Mediterranean

11 December 2018 | Places

Earlier this year it felt like I was doing a ‘European clean up,’ going to the countries which had somehow evaded me – Slovakia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Moldova – but that still left one very interesting Mediterranean island: Cyprus. So on my way back to Australia from ...

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Madaba & Mosaics

9 January 2012 | Places

▲ Mosaics in the Archaeological Park in the Jordanian town of Madaba. I spent two weeks in Israel and Palestine just before Christmas 2011. You can check my reports on my travels in Palestine, the problems of Hebron, the Wall, an encouraging visit to Nazareth, ...

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