Monaco – a quicker visit 

5 August 2023 | Places

After my Tarn River canoeing trip I had four nights before meeting Maureen – for an operatic excursion – in Milan. I spent two nights in Cassis and the plan was a night in Monaco followed by a night in Genoa, all connected by train. Everything soon went wrong. . Fir...

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How Many Countries & Have I Been There?

3 January 2016 | Living

I’ve bumped into assorted people who have made ‘I’ve been everywhere’ into a major challenge. Well I haven’t been everywhere and I’m not working on it. On the other hand I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get to at least one or two ‘new’ (for me) countries every year. In...

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Flying to Australia 2

12 October 2010 | Places

We’re flying back to Australia with a small group of fellow travellers in a small plane, a Beechcraft 1900D for you plane spotters. The trip will take nearly four weeks and stop at 22 places along the way, some of them for just a brief look around or a refuelling stop...

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