London Eye:

Melbourne’s Dinosaur

8 September 2013 | Places

Having a big ferris wheel was quite a bit city thing for a spell. I blogged about the London Eye, the Singapore Flyer and Melbourne’s Southern Star back in 2009. On Wednesday 2 October I’ll be talking about ruins at Global Heritage Fund’s annual dinner at Menlo Park...

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Down the Thames with the Queen

4 June 2012 | Culture

Like many people in London I devoted some of yesterday to getting rather wet as a thousand odd boats rowed, paddled and powered their way down the Thames as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant – that’s 60 years since she took up her role as Queen of England. ...

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Aerial Views

26 December 2010 | Transport

It's my annual look back at the year's travels. This year I started with Museums & Galleries, moved on to Cars & Bikes, then Animals & Wildlife, followed by Big Buddhas, 10 Books and finally Beaches. Today it's my favourite Aerial Views of 2010. I’ll qu...

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Flying to Australia 5

2 November 2010 | Places

The last leg of our multi-stop London to Australia flight didn’t start or end the way it was planned. In F-to-A 1 I wrote about the history of flying to Australia. F-to-A 2 went from London via Jersey, the south of France and Malta to the Greek island of Crete. F-to-A...

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Big Wheels – London, Singapore, Melbourne

23 October 2009 | Places

▲ This morning I finally got around to riding the London Eye, London’s iconic giant ferris wheel, just downriver from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. With a diameter of 135metres it’s big, but not the biggest of the world’s giant ferris wheels. The London Ey...

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