Statues – Sun Yat-Sen, Saddam Hussein, Lenin & a Dublin Slave Girl

7 November 2020 | Places

Locked down in Melbourne for what seems like half my life-time now I’ve been very unenthusiastic about posting anything. Although in fact I have been ‘travelling’ in a fashion. I’ve been going through my colour slide collection, from the days before I switched to digi...

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Palace of the Soviets – Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

8 August 2013 | Culture

Crossing Mongolia and Russia on the Trans-Mongolian train last month we came across a checklist of buildings which were knocked down by Stalin in the 1930s and rebuilt since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Think of all the trouble Joseph could have saved if he’d had...

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What to do with Lenin Statues?

2 August 2013 | Culture

In Yekateringburg, part way across Russia on our Trans-Mongolian trip, our guide claimed her town’s big Lenin statue was one of only eight big ones left in Russia. We didn’t get to look at it, time was pressing and it was further down the main drag, but it sounded lik...

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Trans-Mongolian Train Trip – Ulaanbaatar to Ulan Ude

21 July 2013 | Places

654km from Ulaanbaatar to Ulan Ude, 2215km from Beijing We departed Ulaanbaatar at night and around dawn we rolled up at Suchbataar on the Mongolian side of the border. We’d been told how to handle things here, leave your passport and arrival forms on the table i...

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The Trans-Mongolian Train Trip

18 July 2013 | Transport

It’s been on my wish list for too many years, but I’ve finally done the big Russian train trip. In fact there are three big Russian train trips, all of them ending in Moscow. We took the Trans-Mongolian which kicks off in Beijing, heads north through Mongolia and meet...

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