Kimberley Coastal Camp:

More Aboriginal Art at the Kimberley Coastal Camp

8 July 2010 | Places

Last year I visited the Kimberley Coastal camp and blogged about the amazing Aboriginal art around the camp. Last week Maureen and I were back there again. And once again I was simply blown away by the variety and quantity of Aboriginal art in the area. Like this hand...

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Flying over the Kimberley – Again

4 July 2010 | Transport

Last September Maureen and I went out the Kimberley Coastal Camp on Port Warrender in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. We flew out there in a single-engined Cessna 210, a couple of hours flight from the town of Broome with a non-stop gallery of amazing views...

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Aerial Views in 2009

13 December 2009 | Living

I love the ‘view out the window’  and take lots of photographs when I fly places but we don’t often get a good aerial look at the airport. Flying in to San Jose, Costa Rica the flight in front of us was a bit slow getting off the runway and our pilot had to abandon th...

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Threats to the Kimberley

22 September 2009 | Places

My recent trip to the Kimberley highlighted just what a wonderful stretch of wilderness the world has in the Kimberley region. Flying across the Kimberley at low altitude in a light aircraft was like a slide show of wonderful views. Then my spell at the Kimberley Coas...

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Kimberley Coastal Camp

20 September 2009 | Places

My recent Flying Across the Kimberley blog took me to the Kimberley Coastal Camp on the coast of Admiralty Gulf. Check it on Google Earth, it’s about as remote as you can get: S 14º 34.788 E 125º 54.778 To get there we had that two hour flight in a Cessna 210 l...

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