North Kenya – landscapes

22 May 2024 | Places

My recent African travels started in Nairobi, visiting Wawira Njiru’s amazing Food4Education project and reacquainting myself with the Thorn Tree Café, the inspiration for Lonely Planet’s long running and much missed Thorn Tree Travel Forum. Then I headed north for...

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Food4Education, the Thorn Tree Café – a visit to Nairobi

18 May 2024 | Living

I’ve just spent a month in Africa, in Kenya, South Sudan and then, with Médecins Sans Frontières, in Nigeria. I started my travels with a brief visit to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. ▲ Where I met Wawira Njiru at her Giga-Kitchen. This remarkable young woman studi...

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Kilimanjaro Magic

13 July 2011 | Living

▲ Sometimes you look out the window and the view is magic. Like the morning a couple of weeks ago when I flew with Kenya Airways from Nairobi to Lubumbashi in Congo DRC. Soon after departing Nairobi there, off to the west was Kilimanjaro just poking up above the clo...

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The Secret Life of Birds

4 April 2010 | Media

I’m not a bird watcher – I’ve never kept lists of birds I’ve seen or set off on trips where spotting birds is the most important part of the journey. Nevertheless there are lots of places I’ve been (Ethiopia, Kenya, Mongolia, Costa Rica and the Falkland Islands for st...

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