Karachi in the 1950s

2 December 2013 | Places

I've been going through my elderly mother’s photo collection in recent weeks. I posted some shots of vintage BOAC airliners, reminders of my dad (an RAF pilot during WW II) and his time with the airline. Here’s a BOAC check in desk from over 50 years ago. Doesn’t look...

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London to Australia – Aerial Views

16 November 2010 | Places

Our October trip from London to Australia was long and low so there were plenty of aerial views. Starting with our first stop on Jersey, just over an hour out of London’s Biggin Hill Airport. Jersey is one of the Channel Islands, close to the French coast, but British...

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Flying to Australia 4

23 October 2010 | Places

Our trip is taking 25 days and makes 22 stops along the way. It's organised by the small Australian operator Heron Airlines. My first posting on the trip was an introduction to the history of London to Australia by air. Flying to Australia 2 covered the trip from Lond...

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