Inle Lake:

Your Bridge is Under Water

23 October 2011 | Living

The Bangkok floods have been getting the media attention but the message from Burma (Myanmar) was straightforward: ‘Guys your bridge is under the water. Inle Lake and surrounding are flooded.’ Back in 2001 Lonely Planet financed a 330metre long bridge to connect th...

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27 March 2010 | Places

▲  Tony at Pindaya North of Burma’s Inle Lake and Heho, the Shan State airport town, Pindaya makes a good escape from the tourist crowds (as much as Burma ever gets tourist crowds) and hustle of Inle Lake. It’s a good centre for walks into the surrounding hills, ...

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Trekking to Inle Lake

25 March 2010 | Places

Trekking is becoming increasingly popular in Burma. The far north of the country borders the Himalayan region of Tibet, the country’s highest mountain tops anything in the European alps, so presumably one day there could even be Himalayan trekking in Burma. Meanwhile ...

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Jumping Cats, Burmese Cats

24 March 2010 | Places

At Burma's Inle Lake tourists flock to the ‘Jumping Cat Monastery.’ As a break from meditating the monks trained their cats to jump through hoops, which turned Nga Hpe Kyaung into the most popular monastery on the lake. The monks seem quite relaxed about it although i...

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