Hudson River:

Up in the clouds (or down to earth)

14 August 2010 | Media

Two books on flying and airlines – I’ve just read Aloft, a collection of pieces by William Langewiesche which originally appeared in Atlantic Monthly or Vanity Fair. They include several of his classic analyses of aviation disasters – including the Colombia space shut...

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Fly by Wire

5 April 2010 | Media

I thought I’d read quite enough about the January 2009 US Airways flight which ended up  in the Hudson River in New York, but I was given a copy of this book and couldn’t put it down. William Langewiesche has written widely on aviation topics (amongst other things). H...

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Up the Yarra River

2 January 2010 | Places

In 1983 New York City’s Hudson River got a ‘Riverkeeper,’ someone to keep an eye on the health of the river. They make sure companies don’t dump stuff into it, builders don’t shove up ugly and inappropriate buildings beside it and that the river is looked after for ev...

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