Great Ocean Walk:

The Otway Fly

24 January 2012 | Places

My January spell at Apollo Bay in Victoria, Australia included a couple of days walking along the Great Ocean Walk and some interesting encounters with Aussie critters. Not this one, this rather fine looking pterodactyl model featured in a dinosaur walk at the Otway F...

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Great Ocean Walk – Take 2

15 January 2012 | The rest

Back in 2006, right after it opened, I spent two days walking 42km on the Great Ocean Walk along the spectacular Victorian coast in the Otways. Back then I said I’d be back later in the year to finish the rest of the walk, another 60km. . ▲ It didn’t happen in 2...

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Jeju Olle

14 November 2011 | Places

Maureen and I went to Jeju, the holiday island dangling off the southern end of the Korean Peninsula, for the World Trail Conference, a get together for walking trail organisers and administrators from around the world. ◄ with Suh Myung-sook While we were in Jej...

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