Global Peace Index:

Most Peaceful? New Zealand

9 June 2010 | Living

The 2010 Global Peace Index has been released and the most peaceful country in the world? No change from last year, it’s New Zealand followed by Iceland. The other four Scandinavian countries also make it into the top 10. The list now includes 149 countries, 99% of th...

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Projects, Politics, Protests

25 December 2009 | The rest

I've been posting some 'end of 2009' lists in an assortment of categories, starting with Aerial Views, then with Hotels (good and bad), Other Transport, Music, Cars & Drives, Galleries & Museums, Books, Animals & Wildlife and Photographs. Today's is my fin...

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A New Peace Symbol

21 September 2009 | The rest

We all know the peace symbol – which actually started life as the semaphore symbols for the letters N and D since it stood for Nuclear Disarmament. From there it became the symbol of CND, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Today we’re down from 70,000 n...

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Global Peace Index

4 June 2009 | Living

In London on 2 June I went along to the launch of the 2009 Global Peace Index. With expert assistance from the Economist Intelligence the index uses 23 factors to calculate how peaceful a country is – that includes its own internal peace, but also the danger the count...

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