Walking Israel

16 February 2011 | Media

A great idea – get a picture of modern Israel by starting at the northern border with Lebanon and walking along the coast until you arrive at the border with Gaza. It’s only about 180km long and the walk would pass through interesting coastal towns like Acre, Haifa, J...

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January in Melbourne

20 January 2009 | Living

Christophe Rochus, en route to losing to Rafael Nadal January in Melbourne, the one month of the year when the city’s famously changeable weather settles down for two weeks of absolute uniformity. It’s always hot-hot-hot for tennis at the Australian Open. The ten...

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Palestinian Walks

7 January 2009 | Media

Perfect (if depressing) timing that I should be reading Palestinian Walks just as Israel launches all out war on Gaza. Although can you call what’s going on a war? When one side is armed with everything the US arms merchants can churn out while the other depends on wh...

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