Small run in with tinpot dictator

29 January 2017 | Culture

Back on 1 December 2016 Yahya Jammeh, Gambia’s president ‘for a billion years,’ lost an election and surprised much of the world when he said he’d accept the result and walk. Shortly after, to nobody’s surprise, he didn’t depart at all, but finally on 21 January 2017 ...

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Marrakesh – Jardin Majorelle

2 November 2012 | Places

Last month Maureen and I had a short stay at a friend’s house in Marrakesh in Morocco. Our previous two visits to Marrakesh were in 2007 when we drove through on our way to Banjul in Gambia on the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge – nurse an old car down to West Africa and gi...

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Sites of Impact

1 February 2012 | Media

▲ Wolfe Creek Crater, Western Australia Every now and then I pick up a ‘got to go there’ book, you read it or look at the pictures and that’s what you immediately think. Judith Schalansky’s Atlas of Remote Islands was a fine example, she claimed she hadn’t been t...

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