Gaddafi Lives – in North Korea at least

16 November 2011 | Living

Speculating on what’s happening north of the border is a favourite South Korean occupation and the best story from my recent visit was that Gaddafi still lives. At least in North Korea. Earlier this year Air Koryo, the North Korean flag carrier, started a weekly Py...

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Dictator Style – Gaddafi & Others

26 August 2011 | Culture

◄ When I rewrote the intro to Bad Lands for a recent reprint I noted that nothing much had changed, Fidel in Cuba, Kim Jong-il in North Korea, a mess in Iraq, no driving licences for women in Saudi Arabia, the generals in Burma, everywhere you looked it was no change....

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Gaddafi’s naughty boy

26 February 2010 | Culture

Travelling around Libya it struck me that Muammar al-Gaddafi  was the Michael Jackson of dictators, always keen on appearing in fancy dress. He has just reinforced his whacky reputation by declaring a jihad on Switzerland and suggesting that Muslim nations should ban ...

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