In Flight

15 April 2012 | Transport

Aircraft Names    The Qantas A380 fleet is named after famous Australian aviators. Their first A380 was named after Nancy Bird Walton. That was the aircraft which suffered an engine explosion out of Singapore in 2010 and spent over a year on the ground in Singapore b...

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12 January 2008 | Culture

Don’t we all love brands, especially new ones? And who would stoop to wearing Versace, Armani or Dolce & Gabbana when you could be sporting a colourful new shirt from ‘Stolen Pig.’ I found it (and bought it) in a departure lounge shop at Fiji’s Nadi Airport.

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Lost Bags

1 January 2008 | Transport

For the second time in six months I arrived and my bag didn’t. Last June it was an Air Canada flight into Vancouver. I was there several hours before the flight’s departure, but perhaps Air Canada can be exonerated. I was on standby and only found I could get on the f...

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