ferris wheels:

Riding the Melbourne Star – at last

25 December 2013 | Places

. Melbourne’s big ferris wheel is finally back in operation. Back in 2009 – after I’d been for rides on the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer – commented on the sad story of Melbourne’s version. It opened on my birthday – 20 December 2008 – and shut down just 34 d...

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Other Transport in 2009

17 December 2009 | Transport

During the year I flew lots of places and drove lots of places, but I also used a wide variety of other forms of transport. In my Fun & Fare Evasion blog I tell the story of being caught travelling without a ticket on the Budapest subway. I also ponder – in Sydney...

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Big Wheels – London, Singapore, Melbourne

23 October 2009 | Places

▲ This morning I finally got around to riding the London Eye, London’s iconic giant ferris wheel, just downriver from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. With a diameter of 135metres it’s big, but not the biggest of the world’s giant ferris wheels. The London Ey...

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