Emirates fly to Kabul

18 September 2013 | Places

▲ Kabul from my Kam Air Boeing 737-200 When I flew to Afghanistan a few years ago it was on an elderly Kam Air Boeing 737-200. Well that’s soon to change, on 4 April 2013 Emirates will start daily services from Dubai to Kabul. Making Afghanistan yet another count...

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Repair an A380 – 14 June 2011?

17 November 2010 | Transport

▲ Crossing the Pacific in a Qantas A380, view from the tail-mounted Skycam How long before the Qantas fleet of A380 aircraft gets back into the air? They’ve been grounded since QF32 suffered an ‘uncontained engine failure’ on take-off from Singapore's Changi Airp...

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Hello Dubai

3 August 2010 | Media

‘Skiing, Sand and Shopping in the World’s Weirdest City’ is the subtitle and it’s a good summation. I’m overdue for another visit to Dubai, I’ve not been back for a few years, but I’ve been there quite a few times since my first visit in 1999. I’ve been intrigued by D...

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Two more lost bags

1 February 2008 | Transport

In December I had two lost bag events in the past 12 months. Now it’s three. This time it was Emirates which left Maureen’s bags behind in Dubai (I was already in London), they had plenty of time to transfer the bags from one flight to the next so I guess the excuse w...

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