Destruction of Memory

26 June 2016 | Media

I was at the British Museum to see Destruction of Memory, director/producer Tim Slade’s heartbreaking documentary about the recent cycle of destruction of historic monuments. The film – click here for a trailer – looks at the most recent outrages, the museum in Mos...

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Bomber Command Memorial

4 July 2012 | Places

. Although there are all sorts of World War II memorials around London until 28 June 2012 there was no memorial to the Royal Air Force’s Bomber Command. Even though the chances of being killed were higher than in any other group, of the 125,000 aircrew in Bomber ...

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Around Germany

29 June 2012 | Places

▲  Germany’s a world leader in sustainable energy usage, everywhere you go there seem to be wind turbines on the horizon and roof after roof covered in solar cells. Looking out from Wartburg Castle above Eisenach I spotted this hilltop view of wind turbines and some...

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Travelling Germany

26 June 2012 | Places

Maureen and I, two German friends and four Australian ones, two cars, starting Frankfurt, finishing Berlin. A trip of castles and forts, churches and museums, wineries and factories, lots of food, perhaps a little too much drinking, some of the Euro 2012 football cham...

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Robinson Crusoe Island

4 March 2010 | Places

I was in Haiti in 2007, less than two years before the disastrous earthquake hit the Caribbean Island. Back in 1998 I was on another island that’s recently suffered earthquake damage, Chile’s Robinson Crusoe Island. Eight people on the island are known to have lost th...

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