Detroit – a city on the way up?

17 December 2017 | Places

I’ve blogged about Detroit a number of times over the years including when I drove through Detroit in 1994 on a coast-to-coast Odyssey in a fine old piece of ‘Detroit iron,’ a 1959 Cadillac. Or more accurately Detroit chrome.   ▲ Here I am with that ’59 Cad...

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Back to the ’50s – Vintage BOAC Airliners

8 November 2013 | Places

I seem to have encountered Detroit regularly in recent months. I enjoyed Mark Binelli’s superb book about the collapse and fall of the Motor city. Then I noticed Detroit shopping bags in a Whole Foods Supermarket in London. And Made-in-Detroit Shinola bicycles in Palo...

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Bay Area Bicycles

4 October 2013 | Transport

I haven’t been back to the San Francisco Bay Area since 2009, this trip I’ve noticed a few new bicycles. Starting with the Bay Area Bike Share scheme. ▲ I’m pretty sure it’s the same Montreal designed bicycles-locking stations-software system that I’m also famili...

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Detroit – a place to be on its last days?

4 July 2013 | Media

I’ve just read Mark Binelli’s superb book about the decline and fall – and perhaps rebirth – of Detroit. Mark has written for Rolling Stone and indeed this reads like a Rolling Stone page turner, a tale of alternate shock and awe. There’s a great line about using Detr...

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The USA & Guns & Fairy Tales

16 December 2012 | Living

A weird relationship isn’t it? Underlined yet again by the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut. The USA gun illustration is on the wall at the front of the ex-US Embassy in Tehran, Iran. I live part of the year in Australia (annual deaths by guns...

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