You are Awful (but I like you)

6 August 2013 | Culture

Tim Moore sets out on ‘Travels Through Unloved Britain,’ searching for all the worst places by whatever means you care to measure worst: unemployment, crime, health, pollution, ugly buildings, bad planning, you name it. To get from one miserable place to another he tr...

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Argo & the missing Paykans

12 December 2012 | Media

▲ Paykans and the Ayatollah in Isfahan OK it’s a movie, not a book or an article – I went to see Argo the Ben Affleck film about getting six American diplomats out of Tehran during the 1980 Iran ‘hostage crisis’. Great movie although it’s been criticised for glor...

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The Man who Invented the Bicycle

31 May 2008 | Transport

The engineers of Victorian-era Britain were inclined to churn out inventions in all sorts of fields. Some of them are well known, in particular the heroically named Isambard Kingdom Brunel who turned his hand to everything from massive ocean liners to railway tunnel...

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