Looking at Copenhagen

28 June 2013 | Culture

In my May visit to Copenhagen I saw more than just the lineup of wind turbines from my flight in. ◄ An hour later I was standing beside Copenhagen’s iconic image, harbourside figure of the Little Mermaid.           Where y...

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Copenhagen Wind Turbines

17 May 2013 | Living

I’ve flown into Copenhagen, Denmark a few times over the years and one thing I always like is the lineup of wind turbines paralleling the coast between the airport and the city. If you come in from the Sweden side, you usually do, there they are, off to your right...

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Melbourne Bike Share

3 June 2010 | Transport

Bike share systems are being rolled out in more and more major cities around the world. ‘White bicycles’ were tried in England in the hippy ‘60s, but they were all soon stolen. Years ago I tried a more modern incarnation in Copenhagen (make them ugly, instantly reco...

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Photographs of 2009

23 December 2009 | Places

I've been posting some 'end of 2009' lists in an assortment of categories, starting with Aerial Views, then with Hotels (good and bad), Other Transport, Music, Cars & Drives, Galleries & Museums, Books and Animals & Wildlife. Today it's my photographs of 2...

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Signspotting in Copenhagen

12 June 2009 | Culture

En route to the Faroe Islands I stopped off in Copenhagen and caught Doug Lansky’ Signspotting show. Doug has put together two Signspotting books for Lonely Planet, photographs of the weird and wonderful signs you bump into all over the world. In Copenhagen the...

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