Dancing in the Glory of Monsters

16 June 2011 | Media

Jason Stearns’ book Dancing in the Glory of Monsters tries to unpick the story of ‘The Collapse of the Congo and the Great War of Africa.’ Clearly a near impossible task, because you’re still left fairly bemused at the end how all these events – from the Cold War to t...

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South Australia from 111,000 feet

25 November 2010 | Places

 ▲ From 34km up it certainly looks like space Chris Lansell dreamed up the Melbourne Solar System along Melbourne’s bayside, it launched as a Planet Wheeler project in 2008. Recently Chris came up with another project, we’d send up a couple of cameras on a wea...

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Sydney cost comparison – Qantas v CityRail

27 August 2009 | Transport

Yesterday I took the CityRail train between central Sydney and the airport. The fare is A$14.60, about half the taxi fare, but no great bargain for a distance (Circular Quay to the Domestic Terminal) of less than 10km. Circular Quay is the closest station to the Ope...

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