Chiang Mai:

Farewell Mo Tejani

1 January 2013 | Media

Back in 2006 I wrote a brief review of Mo Tejani’s A Chameleon’s Tale. I commented that Mo’s life was typical of today’s global nomads, living here, connected to there, nationality somewhere else. Although Mo lived in Thailand he started out in Uganda, until his famil...

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London to Australia – Aerial Views

16 November 2010 | Places

Our October trip from London to Australia was long and low so there were plenty of aerial views. Starting with our first stop on Jersey, just over an hour out of London’s Biggin Hill Airport. Jersey is one of the Channel Islands, close to the French coast, but British...

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Meet the New India, Same as the Old India

5 November 2010 | Living

Almost 40 years ago, travelling across Asia Maureen and I flew from Calcutta to Thailand and we still remember the culture shock of arriving in Bangkok. Compared to India it was amazingly well lit, air-conditioned, orderly, efficient and clean. ▲  street cow in V...

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Flying to Australia 5

2 November 2010 | Places

The last leg of our multi-stop London to Australia flight didn’t start or end the way it was planned. In F-to-A 1 I wrote about the history of flying to Australia. F-to-A 2 went from London via Jersey, the south of France and Malta to the Greek island of Crete. F-to-A...

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