Merry Christmas, Brunei, Bad Taste & de Tomaso Cars

13 March 2016 | Culture

The Sultan of Brunei, intent on underlining his South-East Asia nation’s Ruritanian image, decided his 2015 gift to the Christmas media silly season would be banning Christmas.Well it’s not Islamic is it? Santa Claus and Christmas trees aren’t exactly religious images...

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10 Books

23 December 2010 | Media

There were lots of interesting books in 2010 – fiction and non-fiction, travel and standing still. Here are 10 I found particularly interesting, starting with 5 travel books: Country Driving – Peter Hessler’s look at contemporary China from behind the steering wheel ...

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Map Addict

1 May 2010 | Media

Quite the funniest – and surprisingly funniest – travel book I’ve read this year. The review line on the cover – ‘Excellent Book’ Daily Telegraph – makes it sound utterly bland and boring, but the byline that it’s about ...

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