British Airways:

British Airways Baggage Refund & a Trip to Svalbard

27 July 2018 | Living

I’m a firm believer on travelling only with carry ons, avoiding the hassles of checked baggage. A recent experience with British Airways underlines why that’s a good idea. No, they didn’t lose my baggage, but extracting a baggage money refund from them after a flight ...

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British Airways

9 March 2014 | Living

Got a few hours to kill at Heathrow? Well if you’ve arranged it in advance – or you’re an important enough British Airways or One World frequent flyer – you could go have a look at the British Airways Speedbird Centre, a neat little museum tracking the Imperial Airway...

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I like this British Airways ad!

20 November 2013 | Media

At a couple of locations in London a new British Airways electronic billboard ad switches from the regular ad to a small girl pointing at a BA aircraft as it passes overhead. In this case she’s pointing out it’s BA 883 arriving from Kiev.

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Across the English Channel

1 May 2013 | Transport

Flying from Verona in Italy to London Gatwick in England I could look north from my British Airways 737 window seat and see just how close England (on the left) is to France (on the right).

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Goodbye 747s

23 April 2013 | Transport

▲  A British Airways 747s at Heathrow and A Qantas 747 at Melbourne ▼ A recent story in The Independent forecast the departure of British Airway’s 747, Boeing’s jumbo has been in service since 1970, but they’re rapidly disappearing. Singapore Airlines has go...

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