Courtyard Blackbirds, Backyard Dragon

13 March 2019 | Living

We often have birds nesting in our courtyard in Australia, it’s totally enclosed so they’re safe from cats and other intruders. The last few years it has been blackbirds, which are an exotic, ie not a native Australian bird. This year they produced not one, but three ...

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Animals & Wildlife

21 December 2010 | Living

There were no wildlife trips in 2010, no African safaris looking for the big four, no whale watching trips (although there was a visit to Australia’s last whaling station), no Antarctic visits to seal and whale colonies. Fortunately the birdlife comes right to my hous...

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Melbourne Wildlife

28 November 2010 | Living

I don’t have to go far to see the wildlife – feathered variety at least – at this time of year. They come up to my study windows, I can watch them as I type this. For the past month we’ve had an angry magpie attacking its reflection in windows all around the hous...

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