Bill Bryson:

Kaiser Bill’s Batman’s Cufflinks

1 December 2011 | Living

◄ The other night I went to an opera first night in Melbourne with Maureen, I wore a dinner jacket and my Kaiser Bill cufflinks. There’s a story behind those cufflinks with the German Imperial Eagle and a ruby in the centre and how I came to own them. My great gran...

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Jeju Olle

14 November 2011 | Places

Maureen and I went to Jeju, the holiday island dangling off the southern end of the Korean Peninsula, for the World Trail Conference, a get together for walking trail organisers and administrators from around the world. ◄ with Suh Myung-sook While we were in Jej...

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At Home

19 August 2011 | Media

I’ve often said that some of the best travel books are about staying home. Check Lonely Planet’s  A House Somewhere for proof of that view. Bill Bryson’s latest book rambles around his old house in the English county of Norfolk. It’s an old church rectory, built in...

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The Worst Pizza?

17 May 2010 | Living

Have I maligned poor Nimbin? It’s an Australian counter-cultural capital in the north of New South Wales and when I put together a ‘worst in travel’ list for Doug Lansky’s Titanic Awards I accused Nimbin of having turned out the worst pizza I’d ever tried (and failed)...

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