Two Wheels Good

2 January 2023 | Media

Jody Rosen’s delightful history-of-the-bicycle book Two Wheels Good was a big hit in 2022. Check the enthusiastic review in The Economist. Highlights for me include the up and down history of the bicycle in China. Owning a bicycle was part of every good Communist’s...

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Cruising on an 1891 Overman Victor

2 March 2019 | Transport

I had a ride in Melbourne with the Vintage Cycle Club on their annual city cruise. I was riding an 1891 Overman Victor sprung frame ‘safety bicycle’ borrowed from the Farren Collection’s wonderful assortment of old bicycles. ‘Safety’ means it has equal-sized wheels an...

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500 Bicycles Rides in France

6 August 2017 | Media

And it’s in French! Lonely Planet France has just published a guide to 500 great bicycle rides in France. Rides suitable for people from 7 to 77 they claim, whether you want rides with friends or family, by yourself or with your lover – well it is French bicycle ridin...

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Share Bicycles in China

10 May 2017 | Transport

I’ve been riding bikes in Shanghai and Beijing, on my MGB Silk Road trip across Asia. On my first visits to China there were lots of bicycles. Over the years the numbers went down and down, part fashion (people wanted cars) and part government policy (cars were tomorr...

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Bicycle Tracks, Bicycle Signs

7 June 2015 | Transport

▲ On a recent visit to Turin in Italy I encountered this nice bicycle warning, admonishing cyclists not to go speeding down the laneway next to the Egyptian Museum, scattering pedestrians in all directions. ◄ I posted a recent photo of something I encountered o...

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