Silk Road by MGB – China Stops Day 30 to Day 46

24 May 2017 | Places

We’re at Day 53 and almost across China in our long trek from Bangkok to London (well to Abingdon, where they once made MGs). Here are a few more of our China stops en route: ▲ On Day 30 we were at Huangshan, one of China’s best known mountain sites and the view fr...

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Share Bicycles in China

10 May 2017 | Transport

I’ve been riding bikes in Shanghai and Beijing, on my MGB Silk Road trip across Asia. On my first visits to China there were lots of bicycles. Over the years the numbers went down and down, part fashion (people wanted cars) and part government policy (cars were tomorr...

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China Trip – 7th Stop Beijing

19 October 2013 | Places

The final leg of my little China trip was to take the bus from Datong back to Beijing – where I started – and catch a flight to Bangkok (just for the night) and on to Denpasar in Bali to meet Maureen for the Ubud Writers Festival. ▲ At the Datong bus station I wa...

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Aerial Views – San Francisco-Beijing

9 October 2013 | Places

Took United Flight 889 from San Francisco to Beijing, a flight that arcs way north, crossing Alaska and reaching just south of the Arctic Circle then crossing Siberia, across the Sea of Okhotsk (where the Russians shot down a straying Korean Airlines 747, killing all ...

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Trans-Mongolian Train Trip – Beijing to Ulaanbaatar

20 July 2013 | Places

1561 km from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar We’ve just finished the Trans-Mongolia train trip from Beijing to Moscow. We didn’t take the regular straight through train trip nor did we get off and on at various places along the way. We did it easy on the chartered Zar...

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