MGBs on the Silk Road to London

19 April 2017 | Transport

I’m driving an old MGB to London, following the Silk Road on a trip that will take us through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, and assorted countries in Europe. ▲ Here’s our route on the door of my car...

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Bangkok – once again

13 April 2017 | Places

◄ A short visit to Bangkok, prior to setting off on a longer trip, and I made return trips to some familiar sites. Like Wat Po with its gigantic reclining Buddha figure, all the way from the top of its head to to the tips of its toes. ▲ Stupa figures in the Royal P...

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Conrad, the Otago & Incat

10 February 2013 | Places

Joseph Conrad – author of Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness (the literary inspiration for Apocalypse Now) only had one ship command during his nautical career. In 1899 the sailing ship Otago put in to Bangkok when its captain died. Conrad assumed the command and sailed t...

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100 Places You Will Never Visit

25 October 2012 | Media

Daniel Smith adds to the list of travel list books – Lonely Planet has certainly done a few of them – with 100 Places You Will Never Visit. In fact some of them you probably won’t want to visit – terrorist would prefer to avoid Guantánamo Bay, ditto for drug smugglers...

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Repair an A380 – 14 June 2011?

17 November 2010 | Transport

▲ Crossing the Pacific in a Qantas A380, view from the tail-mounted Skycam How long before the Qantas fleet of A380 aircraft gets back into the air? They’ve been grounded since QF32 suffered an ‘uncontained engine failure’ on take-off from Singapore's Changi Airp...

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