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Expensive Bad Taste – US car thieves & Arab bling

15 August 2010 | Transport

What’s the most commonly stolen car? Usually older cars (easier to steal) and popular cars (more of them to steal). So in the US Hondas and Toyotas get stolen most often, in the UK it’s an assortment of Fords and Vauxhalls, in Australia Holdens and Fords. But a recent...

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Cars & Drives of 2009

19 December 2009 | Transport

The year’s two most interesting cars? The ones I would happily find a space for in my garage? An electric Tesla sports car which I had a short drive in while I was in Los Angeles. And one I didn’t even drive, but I certainly enjoyed being taken for a quick dawn spin a...

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Ugly Cars – I rented one

1 December 2009 | Transport

Rent-a-cars amaze me. The concept that I can turn up in all sorts of weird places, someone will hand me the keys to a car and I can drive off continues to delight me. But if there’s one thing worse than airlines loading on extra charges – see my recent Ryanair blog – ...

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