Australia Day:

Australia Day in Seymour

7 February 2014 | Places

Every 26 January – Australia Day – I go somewhere in the state of Victoria as part of the Australia Day Ambassador Programme. This year it was Seymour, a country town about 100km (60miles) north of Melbourne. ▲ Seymour’s got lots Goulburn Valley countryside aro...

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Afghanistan comes to Mildura, Australia

26 January 2012 | Culture

▲ Afghan kite, Australian gum tree Australia Day on 26 January is Australia’s equivalent of the USA's 4th of July or France’s Bastille Day (there isn’t a UK equivalent). I go some- where in the state of Victoria every year as part of the ‘Australia Day Ambassador...

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Australia Day – Penshurst & Hamilton

27 January 2011 | Places

Most Australia Days – 26 January each year – I head out somewhere in the state of Victoria as part of the Australia Day Ambassador programme – I’m an ambassador! This year I went out to the Western District, to the towns of Penshurst and Hamilton. Penshurst (popula...

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Return of the Yabby

24 January 2011 | The rest

A yabby, cherax destructor The past few weeks Australia has been devastated by floods, particularly in Queensland and in my state, Victoria. These floods follow more than a decade of equally damaging drought. Every year I head out somewhere in Victoria for Aus...

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Australia Day – The Wimmera Region

28 January 2008 | Places

The 26th of January is to Australia as the ‘Fourth of July’ is to the USA or the ‘Quatorze Juillet’ (the 14th July) is to France. It’s a public holiday which celebrates the country’s origins. For five years I’ve made a little trip around the state of Victoria each Aus...

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