Vasily Grossman & An Armenian Sketchbook

14 August 2020 | Media

I visited Armenia in 2019, just one year ago, and really enjoyed my travels around that interesting country. My blog on Yerevan, the Armenian capital, links to two other blogs on my Armenian travels. Recently, in my Coronavirus Notes, I’ve mused on why the Covid-19 pa...

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Tony’s Coronavirus Notes – the Caucasian States – one really good, one really bad

20 July 2020 | Living

Like many people these days I spend far too much time analyzing the Covid-19 figures and reading articles on the pandemic. Despite all the learned analysis I keep thinking ‘why haven’t I read anything about this’ so for a week I’m going to note my thoughts about some ...

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Yerevan – the capital of Armenia

12 September 2019 | Places

I’ve just posted on my recent travels across Armenia – part 1 and part 2. My trip, however, started and finished in Yerevan, the country’s busy and bright capital city. ◄ Any understanding of modern Armenia has to start with a visit to the Armenian Genocide Memoria...

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Armenia Travels – part 2

11 September 2019 | Places

From Noravank I drove a long way east to Goris where I spent the night and then backtracked and made the winding ascent to Tatev. You can also get up there by the Wings of Tatev Cablecar which gets its place in the records books as ‘the world’s longest non-stop revers...

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Armenia Travels – part 1

10 September 2019 | Places

In the west we tend to forget that after its birth in Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and those other Holy Land sites in what is today Israel and Palestine, Christianity moved east long before it moved west into Europe. The wonderful churches and monasteries of Armenia...

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